Come to Jazzkomm, 8-10 September 2010, Airport Berlin Tempelhof


The Showcase- and Business-Platform for Musicians and Jazzpreneurs

In 2011 the JAZZKOMM will take a creative break. At this moment, the length of the break we can not predict. The JAZZKOMM Team would like to say thank you to everyone, for the trust of all those who participated last year and those who supported us. We regret that a sequel, if due to financial or content reasons will not be happening for the time being.

Jazzkomm 2010 - that were 147 musicians from 15 countries in 40 bands and 50 showcases. Exciting panels with important representatives of the scene. A series of jazz documentary films in cooperation with the UNERHÖRT! Musikfilmfestival and a small but nice exhibitors lounge with booking agencies and artist managements like Magenta Concerts, Proton, Silva Finger Produktion, rw-Management, Amazing Music.

Record labels such as Level49 from Italy, NRW-Records, NRW-France, Ozella Music, Creaked Records and the French Distributor L´Autre Distribution, Dutch Nu Jazz Movement, Sonic Impulse Studio from Berlin, Jazzfest Berlin, the inter-trade organization Jazz & Worldpartners e.V. and artists such as Trio Kalima or conference speaker, music export offices, Kathy Hahn from the Canadian CIMA and the Canadian Council for the Arts, Siri Narverud Moen from Music Export Norway our media partners and sponsors, which have manifested their trust by participating.

Sincere thanks to Popkomm and Messe Berlin, for giving us the chance to produce the first Jazzkomm. Dr. Ralf G. Kleinhenz, managing director of Popkomm GmbH, confesses: "Jazzkomm has been the surprising highlight at this years Popkomm." Below you find a selection of impressions.

Articles about Jazzkomm 2010 you find here.

The Cuban-Canadian Hilario Duran Trio during the opening of the Jazzkom with a Canadian Jazz Night at frannz Club.

Johanna Sillanpaa and Kodi Hutchinson
The Swedish singer with residence in Canada Johanna Sillanpaa and bassist Kodi Hutchinson.

Burning Bands in the JAZZKOMM 2010 showcase programm!

Francois Bourassa | Brandi Disterheft | Johanna Sillanpaa | Tyler Hornby | Hilario Duran Trio | Johnny Favourite | Stephan Scheuss | Lily Dahab | Vito Rezza and 5AFTER4 | Thibault Falk Quartet | Maria Markesini | Farmers Market | Beady Belle | Elephant9 | Pegelia Gold & Art Zentral | Tonalrausch | Baby Bonk | Wolfgang Maiwald Trio | Wortart Ensemble | Alessandro Bertozzi Quintet | Chris Donnelly | Christoph Schweizer Detected Orchester | Mystéfy | The Jazzinvaders | State of Monc | Jochen Aldinger AMP Trio | Lena Sundermeyer | Marko Jovanovic & Piaccordia | Kalima | Edgar Knecht Trio | Oy | Kadri Voorand | Savio Rego | Lozee | Duo Èlegance Peter Weniger & David Friedman | Orientation

They were searching a while for a parking lot, but hitting the notes immediately: Tonalrausch with five-part Acappella Jazz.

Brandi Disterheft
She´s got the bass and the kalimba under control and the blues in her blood: Brandi Disterheft.

Baby Bonk
Baby Bonk scared and inspired with an explosive performance at Friseur.

Johnny Favourite
He took the train to the wrong airport - the melancholic timbre in his voice couldn´t help - just black Canadian humor and a cup of tea: Johnny Favourite.

Wolfgang Maiwald
The Wolfgang Maiwald Trio from the Netherlands - jazzy sonority and rhythmic energy from the red grand piano of our sponsor Schimmel Pianos.

Wortart Ensemble
The Wortart Ensemble affiliated German lyricism with swinging jazz.

Maria Markesini
Maria Markesini from Greece fascinated with her voice and art of playing the keys.

Mike del Ferro
A short break at the stand of the dutch agency Amazing Music of his duo partner Maria Markesini: pianist Mike del Ferro.

Tyler Hornby
Tyler Hornby Quartet from Canada with modern jazz sounds.

Alessandro Bertozzi
Alessandro Bertozzi with Souljazz from Italy.

Chris Donnelly
The young Chris Donnelly from Canada with a highly virtuoso solo performance and finest keystroke.

Marko Jovanovic & Piaccordia
Marko Jovanovic & Piaccordia played tango and nouvelle musette with a string trio, accordeon and harp.

An unusual cast for a trio with bass clarinet, piano and voice: Kalima.

Deep into music at their stand: two musicians of Kalima and a guest.

Daniel Hack und Tontechniker Collin
Without these gentlemen, it would not have sounded so well: entrepreneur and engineer Daniel Hack and the scottish engineer Collin. Together with their colleague Matthias they kept the sound and their nerves under control nine hours per day during our conferences and showcases.

(All photos: Oliver Hafke Ahmad)

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That was JAZZKOMM 2010

Kadri Voorand Group
The strong voice and the powerful performance of the Estonian singer Kadri Voorand.

A selection of Jazzkomm 2010 showcases on

Jazzkomm Lounge exhibitor Sebastian Ohmert with parts of his Berliner Sonic Impulse Studio.

Edgar Knecht Trio
Pianist Edgar Knecht with swinging arrangements of German folk songs.

David Friedman and Peter Weniger
Vibes and sax: Duo Elegance with David Friedman and Peter Weniger at an evening showcase at frannz Club.

Expressive: Oy from Switzerland with an anglophone performance and musical puppets.

Christoph Schweizer Detected Orchestra
Like a hurricane - the Christoph Schweizer Detected Orchestra blew the notes of new arrangements of Joe Zawinul-compositions through the frannz Club.

Savio Rego Duo
Guitar, voice and a partner playing bass, India-born Savio Rego does not need more for his version of soul and jazz.

Jazzfest Berlin
The renowned Jazzfest Berlin presented its new program at Jazzkomm and a representative answered questions to the program and sold tickets.

Vito Rezza 5After4
A sensitive power pack: Vito Rezza on drums authentic only with red glasses over his closed eyes.

But there was not only music at Jazzkomm 2010. The Jazzkomm Conference offered exciting discussions.

The opening panel about "Jazz and Pop" presented by Christian Broecking with saxophonist Daniel Glatzel (Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra), Musikredakteur Jens Balzer (Berliner Zeitung), trumpeter Nils Wülker and Götz Bühler (Jazzthing). (Photo: Maxi Sickert)

Christian Broecking, Rolf Kühn & Peter Krüger
Presenter Christian Broecking during the "Metropolis"-panel with clarinetist Rolf Kühn and the president of the Bundeszentrale für Politische Bildung and jazz fan Thomas Krüger, who said: "I am looking forward to continue this series of dialogues."

Found a little bit of time to talk to Maxi Sickert during his own festival (Echtzeitmusiktage): turntable artist Ignaz Schick. "I want to thank Jazzkomm for being able to present my ideas in this conference to an audience of journalists and representatives of politics and business."

Philipp Gropper and Axel Dörner
Discussed, what is going on in jazz metropolis Berlin: Saxophonist Philipp Gropper and trumpeter Axel Dörner.

Rolf Kühn  and Maxi Sickert
Clarinetist Rolf Kühn and his biographer Maxi Sickert during a conversation about a long, diverse and succesful jazz life.

High ranking cast: the panel "Jazz and Politics". A discussion presented by Christian Broecking with Christian Lillinger (member of the band Hyperactive Kid), saxophonist Gebhard Ullmann, saxophonist and former office manager in the German Parliament Felix Falk, WDR- and Jazzthing editor Martin Laurentius, jazz editor of rbb Kulturradio Ulf Drechsel, and Sigmund Ehrmann of the SPD-Bundestagsfraktion.

Afterwards glasses have been clinked on the first Jazzkomm. "Thanks to the conversations during the first Jazzkomm I expect to have some creative and effective discussions in the future, which will have an effect on my work in the parliament", said Sigmund Ehrmann.

Panel Jazz and Art - Elke Buhr and Maxi Sickert
Maxi Sickert (on the right) talking to Elke Buhr, art and pop critic and assistant editor-in-chief of art magazine MONOPOL about the relation of "Jazz and Art", Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Jackson Pollock, Ornette Coleman, Basquiat and Lorna Simpson. (Photo: Christian Broecking)

Jazzkomm Showcase Stage Friseur
Signs cannot be big enough, they are often overlooked. The music could not be missed. The entrance to the Day Showcase Stage of Jazzkomm at the former Friseur of Tempelhof Airport with the book stand of the publisher of jazz books Broecking Verlag.

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